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New collection


Exploration of the earth and nature are the main themes of the spring-summer 2021 collection.
A warm palette of earthy colors and original graphic lines; an exploration of the dunes and oases of the desert; a meeting of little giraffes in the savannah; a happy toucan from the tropics: the collection travels to hot and faraway places.
From the seed to the plate, the collection also takes a local look at our terroirs, celebrating vegetable plots and orchards of our gardens, with a palette of fresh and bright colors. The discreet floral charm of our English neighbors is an inspiration for flower prints in delicate powdery tones.
For the summer, the depth of the blues of the sea and the oceans are explored. Those inspired by Homeric stories and graphic friezes of the Mediterranean. The blue of silent little fishes and that of a diver who retains his breath.
The new Françoise Paviot 2021 collection travels under the signs of the elements earth, water, fire, and air. 



Made in France
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