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The brand Françoise PAVIOT

The linen-feel napkin by Françoise PAVIOT

What is a non woven napkin ?

Single-use non-woven table napkins are superior quality products made in France with Airlaid technology. This technology allows the production of napkins with the appearance and texture of fabric, but with the convenience of disposability. Non-woven napkins are made from compressed cellulose fibers, offering superior strength and absorbency compared to standard paper napkins. The airlaid technology uses a dry pressing method that creates a soft, flexible, and tear-resistant texture. With their high quality and elegance, the disposable non-woven napkins by Françoise PAVIOT are perfect for all occasions, whether it be intimate dinners or large events. Choose French-made disposable non-woven table napkins for a practical and aesthetic solution for your table decoration needs.

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Françoise Paviot is a French family-owned company located in the Lyon region. For 30 years, the Françoise Paviot company has been creating Airlaid table linens. The table napkins are now manufactured in France. The company has maintained its family tradition by adapting its products to new trends and customer expectations. Françoise Paviot's disposable table linens are known for their high-end quality and decorative touch. Every season, the brand presents new collections in response to market trends, which have become essential decorative accessories for the table.

Our team

  • Dirigeante de la société et créateur

    Valérie Sturlèse-Paviot
  • Manager Relations Clientèle

  • Logistique et transport

  • Assistante designer

  • Assistante relation clientèle

    Notre équipe:

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    Our company is proud to be led by women who bring their vision and sensitivity to the management of the company. We are also committed to the French manufacture of our products, which guarantees the quality of our know-how and the durability of our products. We are conscious of our carbon footprint and constantly work to reduce our environmental impact. Finally, we are committed to a constant search for more environmentally friendly technologies to meet our customers' expectations for sustainable development. At Françoise Paviot, company values are deeply rooted in our way of working and developing.

    Our history

    Françoise Paviot

    The founder of the brand

    "Our success, I believe, lies in the excellent quality of the design, but also in the technical knowledge of paper that I have acquired."

    Françoise Paviot

    It all started when Françoise realized the attraction of a beautiful paper table. She then opened a small decoration shop in the city center of Lyon offering napkins, cardboard plates, candles, and packaging. The success was immediate, and in 1989, Françoise took over the Maison et Jardin gallery boutique, positioning herself in the high-end disposable market. Supported by her daughters for design and marketing, she decided to launch her own collection of paper napkins and founded the Françoise PAVIOT company in 1992. The company's success quickly grew, and in 1995, Françoise sold her boutique to focus entirely on her company, whose headquarters were located in Corbas, a suburb of Lyon. In 2002, Françoise's daughters took over the company and moved to new premises in Mions near Lyon. Today, the company is run by Françoise's daughter Valérie Sturlèse-Paviot. Specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of high-end "disposable" tableware products, both in quality and design, Françoise Paviot benefits from an integrated know-how and styling that allows them to respond to specific requests from their clients or constantly develop new collections that respond to current trends and themes.

    Notre histoire
    Made in France
    Françoise PAVIOT
    ZAC des Pierres Blanches
    2 bis, rue d'Italie

    69780 Mions, France
    Tél: +33 4 78 20 28 12
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