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Non-woven dinner napkins 40 x 40 cm

Ensure the comfort of your guests with high-quality napkins made in France.

To be placed on the tables of the guests or on the buffet table, the 40x40 non-woven disposable napkin is a high-end accessory that imitates the appearance of fabric but is actually made from cellulose with the airlaid technology. Its strength is far superior to that of a large paper table napkin. Our table napkins are delivered in packs of 20 pieces. Its touch, which perfectly imitates that of fabric, will ensure excellent comfort for your guests, regardless of the type of event.For a served meal, buffet, or cocktail party, for example, consider using large square napkins. You can be assured that the decoration of your tables will be a great success among the guests who will appreciate the softness and durability of the napkins.

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Made in France
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