Francoise Paviot

Françoise Paviot in her store in 1993.

In 1975, Françoise Paviot joins her husband's company, a Lyons-based business specialised in packaging-waste processing. Françoise quickly realises the potential of offering paper tableware. She opens a decoration boutique in the centre of Lyons where she sells napkins, paper plates, candles, wrapping paper... It's an instant hit.

In 1989, she takes over the boutique gallery Maison & Jardin and settles in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Lyons. In this beautful store, surrounded by large windows, Françoise displays only the best of the disposable products. With the help of her 2 daughters Valérie (stylist) and Marie-Laure (marketing), she launches her own collections of paper napkins. In 1992 she founds the company that bears her name, Françoise PAVIOT.

With the growing success, she sells the store in 1995, to concentrate on the development of her company, based in the begining in Corbas, near Lyons. "

I reckon we owe our success to the excellent quality of our design but also to my technical knowledge of paper". In 2002, she hands over the management to her 2 daughters, who move into new offices in Mions in the summer of 2007.






Our company founded in 1992 is manufacturing and trading high quality non-woven paper napkins, tableclothes, placemats and table runners, a material which is half way between fabric and paper. The napkins don't turn into vulgar paper tissues. Our really dynamic design (which has always been internal) finds expression in two annual collections,which embrace the most varied themes and sources of inspiration and are therefore bound to appeal to a very broad clientele. We are working very closely to our customers' expectations and we can be innovative, while adhering to fashion trends. Our dual role as designer and manufacturer enables us to design products to order.

Fabrication Françoise Paviot